General English



  • A tool or implement with a wide blade at one end.


  • verb to play a gentle sweep shot, typically to a lowish ball pitching around leg stump, hitting the ball into the area behind square leg
    Citation ‘Angus Fraser was bowled round his legs by Adams attempting to paddle, whereas that sort of thing should be kept for Runaway Beach’ (Mike Selvey, Guardian 22 April 1994)
    Citation ‘He cut and glided the ball behind square on the off-side and paddled and whipped it behind square leg on the on-side’ (Purandare 2005)


  • A computer input device which moves the screen cursor, or another object, along a single axis.

Media Studies

  • noun an device for operating early video games with a dial that allowed the user to move an on-screen object up and down or from side to side


  • noun an instrument like a short oar, designed to propel an assault boat or canoe by hand


  • verb to hit, beat, thrash. This synonym of ‘wallop’ probably derives from the archaic use of the noun paddle to mean both hand and, more rarely, foot. long before signifying a bat, paddle also denoted a small spade.