General English

General Science

Cars & Driving

  • noun any pigmented liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition designed for application to a substrate on a thin layer which is converted to a solid film after application
  • verb in an automotive context, painting usually means spray painting


  • noun colour and pattern used to fill an area
  • noun
    (written as Paint)
    an application supplied with Microsoft Windows for creating or editing bitmap images
  • verb to fill an enclosed graphics shape with a colour


  • A mixture of a solid pigment in a liquid vehicle which dries to a protective and decorative coating.
  • The resultant dry coating.


  • noun a coloured antiseptic, analgesic or astringent liquid which is put on the surface of the body
  • verb to cover a wound with an antiseptic, analgesic or astringent liquid or lotion


  • noun a liquid substance which is applied to an object in order to colour it (as for camouflage), to provide protection from water and damp, or to provide resistance to certain types of surveillance equipment (such as infrared)
  • verb to illuminate a target with a laser target designator

Real Estate

  • noun a coloured liquid applied to a surface in order to decorate or protect it

Origin & History of “paint”

Paint comes ultimately from an Indo-European base *pik-, *pig-. this originally meant ‘cut’ (English file comes from it), but it broadened out via ‘decorate with cut marks’ and simply ‘decorate’ to ‘decorate with colour’ (whence English pigment). A nasalized version of the base produced Latin pingere ‘paint’, which reached English via Old French peindre and its past participle peint (the Latin past participle pictus is the source of English Pict and picture, and also lies behind depict).