parabolic reflector


Cars & Driving

  • noun an old headlight reflector in the shape of a parabola, now replaced by ellipsoidal reflectors


  • A concave reflecting surface with a paraboloid (1) shape, which concentrates waves into a parallel beam. Used, for instance, in dish antennas.
  • An antenna incorporating a parabolic reflector (1). Such an antenna features very high gain, usually operates at microwave frequencies, and has various applications, including its use in satellite communications and in radar. The driven element of a dish antenna is located at the focal point of its dish reflector. Also called parabolic antenna, paraboloid antenna, paraboloidal antenna, or dish antenna.
  • synonymparabolic dish
  • synonymparaboloid
  • synonymparaboloid reflector
  • synonymparaboloidal reflector
  • synonymparabolic antenna
  • synonymparaboloid antenna
  • synonymparaboloidal antenna
  • A solid or surface formed by rotating a parabola around its axis of symmetry.

Media Studies

  • noun a curved reflector used to focus a beam of light
  • noun a large disc, usually made of metal, used to funnel sound waves into a microphone placed at its centre