General English


  • noun an action of assembling at a specified time and place in order to be inspected before the start of an operation or period of duty
  • noun a ceremonial occasion (usually involving marching and military music)


  • In 18th-century France, a brief sketch presented by fairgroundactors to lure spectators into their booths. Parades were alsoacted on the first-floor balcony of the Théâtre de laFoire Saint-Germain. The sketches combined elements of the commediadell'arte and of medieval French farce. They disappeared alongwith the fair booths in the middle of the 18th century. The genrewas revived later in the century by Beaumarchais and continuedinto the 19th century in the repertoire of such performers as Bobècheand Galimafré at the Boulevard du Temple.