General English

  • noun the fact of being equal, especially having the same rates of pay and conditions as others.


  • noun a situation when the price of a commodity, foreign currency or security is the same in different markets


  • Equality. Same as par. See also interest parity and purchasing power parity.
  • Official value, or par value.


  • The quality or state of being equal, or having an equivalent function or effect.
  • The presence of an even or odd number of ones or zeroes within a group of bits. For example, for a given group of bits, the total number of zeroes being an even number, thus having even parity.
  • In data transmission, the sameness of the parity bit.
  • Of two integers, if both are odd, or both are even, they have the same parity.


  • The state of being equivalent. Many forex fundamental analysts take purchasing power parity into account when forecasting future forex rates for a currency pair.


  • noun equality of status or position, especially in terms of pay or rank
  • noun the number of children that a woman has given birth to