General English

  • noun a person who plays games or dances with someone
  • noun a person with whom you are in a relationship, especially one you live with
  • noun a person who owns and works in a business together with one or more others


  • noun a person who works in a business and has an equal share in it with other partners


  • noun somebody who works in a firm and has a share in it with other partners

Origin & History of “partner”

Partner is related to part – but not quite so directly as might appear. when it first entered the language it was in the form parcener (13th c.), which remains in existence as a legal term meaning ‘joint heir’. this came via Anglo-Norman parcener ‘partner’ from vulgar Latin *partiōnārius, a derivative of Latin partītiō ‘partition’ (source of English partition (15th c.)). This in turn was based on the verb partīrī ‘divide up’, a derivative of pars ‘part’. The change from parcener to partner began in the 14th century, prompted by the similarity to part.