General English

  • noun an Italian food made of flour and water, and sometimes eggs, cooked by boiling, and eaten with oil or sauce


  • dough, paste
  • A variety of extruded, cut or pressed shapes and sheets of pasta dough made either fresh and soft, or dried, from a basic dough of water and/or eggs, salt and hard durum wheat flour and sometimes oil. The simplest pasta is made from strong flour and eggs only (9:5), kneading up to 10 minutes until small blisters appear. There are innumerable names and shapes but the main types are spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, lasagne, canneloni and ravioli. Most pastas are cooked and served with a sauce.
  • Pasta or pastry
  • Noodle


  • noun a type of food made from flour from durum wheat and shaped into forms such as lasagne, macaroni, noodles, ravioli and spaghetti