General English

General Science

  • noun a small correction made to software by the user, on the instructions of the software publisher


  • noun a small cultivated area with one type of plant growing in it, e.g. a pumpkin patch or onion patch


  • noun a temporary correction made to a program by a user, often on the instructions of the software publisher


  • A piece of wood or synthetic material used to fill defects in the plies of plywood. Also called a plug.
  • A compound used in stonemasonry to replace chips and broken corners or edges in fabricated pieces of cut stone or to fill natural voids. The patch is applied in plastic form.


  • A temporary connection made between terminals of a patch panel. Also, to be connected in this manner.
  • A temporary connection made between terminals, using for instance, an alligator clip. Also, to be connected in this manner.
  • A piece of code added to a program to fix some problem, such as a bug. Also, the modification provided by the insertion of such code. Used, for instance, as a provisional remedy between product releases.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the process of making small additions to a PostScript file without altering the original code underneath

Media Studies

  • verb to connect one telephone or radio caller with another or transfer a call


  • noun a piece of sticking plaster with a substance on it, which is stuck to the skin to allow the substance to be gradually absorbed into the system through the skin, e.g. in HRT


  • noun a correction which is inserted into a bromide or film by stripping in
  • noun one of a series of test colour prints in a control strip on a colour proof


  • noun one’s territory, area of jurisdiction. A designation used by street gangs, drug dealers and law enforcers.


  • (written as Patch)
    A name for a court fool or jester. The first to be so called was Cardinal Wolsey's jester, Sexton, who got the name either from the Italian pazzo, a fool, or from the patched dress worn by jesters.In 1529 Wolsey gave Patch to Henry VIII, in a last doomed attempt to preventhis fall from favour.