• noun the money-earning load carried by the aircraft including the passengers, baggage and freight

Cars & Driving

  • noun the revenue-earning cargo of a commercial vehicle or the weight of the cargo


  • noun the cargo or passengers carried by a ship, train, or plane for which payment is made


  • In communications, the bandwidth occupied by the information which wishes to be transmitted. The rest, such as control codes, origin and destination information, and error detection and correction coding, is overhead (2). In ATM, for instance, each cell consists of 53 bytes, 48 of which are payload, and 5 of which are overhead.


  • noun ordnance and equipment carried by an aircraft
  • noun a type of ordnance delivered by a missile (such as bomblets, chemical agent, high explosive, etc.)


  • noun the load of an aircraft which produces income, i.e. the passengers and cargo