General English


  • noun a pome fruit of the genus Pyrus used for dessert fruit, cooking or for fermenting to make perry. In the UK, William’s Bon Chretien, Conference and Doyenne du Comice are popular dessert varieties, while William’s is also commonly used for canning.


  • The fruit of a deciduous tree, Pyrus communis var. sativa, native to Europe and western Asia which requires cool winters to fruit. The thin, usually smooth, green through yellow to brown and often mottled skin encloses a firm, juicy, delicately flavoured flesh surrounding a core of seed somewhat smaller than an apple. The fruit is narrow at the stalk end widening towards the calyx. There are both cooking and dessert varieties and they may be eaten raw, poached, baked, etc.


  • noun a fruit with a greenish or yellowish skin and soft white flesh