General English


  • verb to maintain or fix something at a specific level


  • A pointed pin of wood used to fasten wood members together.
  • A short, pointed wooden stick used as a marker by surveyors.


  • noun a stump
    Citation ‘A loose one on the leg side was neatly turned for a couple, the next went perilously near his off peg’ (Jack Hobbs, The Test Match Surprise 1926)


  • To maintain a pegged exchange rate; thus to set a currency's value within a narrow range.
  • The par value of a pegged exchange rate.


  • A fixed exchange rate of one currency relative to another currency or to the price of a valuable commodity like gold. Although the relative value of most currencies now floats depending on supply and demand factors in the forex market, a country might peg its currency to that of a major trading partner.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to fix the value or level of something and prevent it from changing


  • acronym forproduction entitlement guarantee
    (written as PEG)


  • acronym forprice to earnings growth ratio
    (written as PEG)