Pembroke's Men



  • An Elizabethan theater company formed in about 1592 from the householdof the Earl of Pembroke. The young Shakespeare is thought to haveworked with the company for two years, during which they presentedhis Titus Andronicus (1592) and probably his Henry VI, Part 3(1591 - 92). Pembroke's Men also performed Christopher Marlowe's EdwardII (1593) at around this time, prompting speculation that the twomen may have become acquainted.

    In 1597 the company was involved in the production of TheIsle of Dogs, the 'seditious' play by Ben Jonson andThomas Nashe that landed the authors in prison and closed the SwanTheatre. It also precipitated the eventual demise of the company,as their actors began to leave for other troupes. Pembroke's Men werelast heard of in 1600, when they performed at the Rose Theatre inLondon.