penalty runs



  • noun runs accruing to the batting side’s total as a result of ‘transgressions’ by the fielding side; penalty runs include the usual allowances for no-balls and wides, and for an instance of the ball being stopped by a helmet rather than a fielder; the terms also applies to runs awarded in respect of more serious offences, including breaches of Law 42 on ‘Fair and Unfair Play’ and – under some local regulations – for failure to meet a required over-rate
    Citation ‘A fielder may field the ball with any part of his person but if, while the ball is in play, he wilfully fields it otherwise, … the ball shall become dead and 5 penalty runs shall be awarded to the batting side’ (Law 41 §2)
    Citation ‘Hair became the first umpire to impose a five-run penalty for ball-tampering’ (Vic Marks, Observer 27 August 2006)