General Science

  • adjective occurring at the edge
  • noun an item of hardware such as a terminal, printer or monitor that allows communication with a main computer system but is not directly operated by the system


  • noun a piece of computer hardware that is not part of the central processing unit but is controlled by it, e.g. a printer or scanner
  • noun any device that allows communication between a system and itself but is not directly operated by the system


  • Any device which transfers data to a CPU and/or receives data from a CPU. Such devices include keyboards, pointing devices, digitizing tablets, scanners, disk drives, microphones, monitors, printers, and speakers. Also, any external device which otherwise assists, enhances, or depends on computer function. Also called peripheral device, peripheral equipment (1), or I/O device.
  • Anything which is auxiliary in nature. For example, an auxiliary device as opposed to a main device.

Information & Library Science

  • adjective not essential, attached to the edge of something else

Media Studies

  • noun a device that plugs into a computer, such as a printer, modem etc.


  • adjective on the edge of an area or in the surrounding area