General English


  • noun the appearance of depth in an image in which objects that are further away from the viewer appear smaller


  • The technique of preparing a perspective drawing.

Health Economics

  • (written as Perspective)
    The viewpoint adopted for the purposes of an economic appraisal (cost-effectiveness, cost-utility analysis, etc.) that defines the scope and character of the costs and benefits to be examined, as well as other critical features, which may be social value-judgmental in nature, such as the discount rate. The perspective may be set by a client or determined by the analyst. Most textbooks advocate the use of the social (or 'societal') perspective, according to which all potential costs and benefits are to be included regardless of who bears or receives them. However, this is merely a value judgment of the authors that the conscientious investigator need feel no scruple in ignoring. It has the virtue of inclusivity but the vice of demanding much work that may be irrelevant in particular circumstances. It also has the more dangerous vice of encouraging a belief that a single perspective, whether inclusive or exclusive, is the appropriate way to perform such analyses. In some cases, particularly where the potential clients for a study are heterogeneous in their interests and values, it may be desirable to adopt more than one perspective (for example, the perspective of workers and employers is likely to differ concerning the cost-effectiveness of health and safety practices in the workplace). Distributional issues, such as the weights to be attached to health gains accruing or denied to different sorts of people (old/young, fit/ill, geographical location, etc.) ought in principle to be settled within any discussion of perspective, but they rarely are.

Media Studies

  • noun the idea of seeing an object or scene from a particular point of view, by suggesting depth in something like a flat drawing
  • noun seeing something from another person’s mental ‘point of view’, by recreating their understanding of a situation