pick up


General English


  • phrasal verb to get better or to improve
  • phrasal verb to fetch something or someone in a vehicle

Cars & Driving

  • noun
    (written as pick-up)
    the transfer of material, as between bearing and shaft, caused by friction and heat due to lack of oil; can lead to seizure
  • noun
    (written as pick-up)
    a small truck with an open body and low sides


  • noun
    (written as pick-up)
    the action or method of bringing the bat up from a stationary position preliminary to playing a stroke
    Citation ‘If his wrists are cocked early in the pick-up then it should be comparatively easy for him to take the bat up higher when the full swing of the bat at the ball is called for’ (Alf Gover, Cricketer March 1983)
    Citation ‘Collingwood … is a batsman who has made huge strides since first entering county cricket without a pick-up to speak of’ (Steve James, Guardian 15 July 2006)

Information & Library Science

  • verb to learn a skill or an idea easily

Media Studies

  • noun
    (written as pick-up)
    a pick up job is one in which the journalist collects news or photographs of an event from the organisers after it has happened
  • verb to successfully receive something such as a radio or television signal or a radar image on a piece of equipment


  • verb to catch a disease


  • verb to lift an object off the ground (usually by hand)
  • verb to collect people or things with an aircraft, boat or vehicle, in order to transport them to another location