• noun a type of small van for transporting goods


  • The amount by which an estimate for an item is higher than the actual cost; savings; underrun.
  • Unwanted adherence of solids to the open surface of a sealant.
  • Common term for a small open-body truck with a 1/2 ton to 1 ton capacity.


  • An instrument, device, or object which converts a physical magnitude or other measurable or detectable quantity into a corresponding electrical signal. These include devices which translate flashing lights, sounds, the undulations of the grooves of a phonographic disc, the lands and pits of an optical disc, or a scene, into electrical signals. Microphones, phonograph pickups, and TV cameras are examples. A pickup is also a transducer when it converts one form of energy into another, as is the case of a microphone.
  • The minimum magnitude, such as that of a current or voltage, required to actuate a relay.
  • The sounds and/or scenes which are being detected for recording or broadcast, as for TV or radio.
  • synonymphono cartridge