General English



  • An image, or other visual representation, which is photographed or otherwise presented on a flat surface.
  • An image, or sequence of images, presented on a display device such as a TV or computer monitor.
  • synonymphotograph

Media Studies

  • noun a cinema film or motion picture
  • noun the image on a television screen
  • verb to feature a picture, especially a photograph, of somebody or something in a newspaper, magazine or book

Origin & History of “picture”

Picture and paint are very closely related. The Latin verb pingere ‘paint’ was the source of English paint, and its past participial stem pict- produced a noun, pictūra ‘painting’, which was eventually to become English picture. The same source produced English depict (17th c.) and Pict (OE) (etymologically the ‘painted’ or ‘tattooed’ people), while its ultimate ancestor, the Indo-European base *pik-, *pig- ‘cut’, also evolved Latin pigmentum ‘colouring substance’, from which English got pigment (14th c.) and, via Spanish, pimento (17th c.).