General English


  • noun a small part of something

Media Studies


  • noun a gun. An underworld euphemism.
  • noun a graffiti artist’s oeuvre. A shortening of ‘piece of work’ or ‘masterpiece’ and forming part of the graffiti subculture lexicon of the 1980s.
  • noun a girlfriend, female. An item of black street-talk used especially by males, recorded in 2003.
  • noun the penis. In black street-talk.

Origin & History of “piece”

Piece is probably ultimately of Celtic origin. It comes via Anglo-Norman pece from medieval Latin pecia or petia, which appears to have been borrowed from *pettia, an unrecorded word in the Celtic language of ancient Gaul. this would have been descended from an Old Celtic base *pett- that may also be the source of English peat (14th c.). Anglo-Norman *peche, a variant form of pece, of dialectal origin, gave English patch (14th c.).