Pierrot troupes



  • British seaside song-and-dance companies of the late 19th andearly 20th centuries, all members of which dressed in the traditionalwhite costume of Pierrot. In 1891 the London success of L'Enfantprodigue, a mime Pierrot play, inspired Clifford Essex to introducea troupe in Ireland and the Isle of Wight; other groups were formedby such showmen as Carlton Frederick in Weymouth (1894) and EdwinAdeler in Southport (1898). After the turn of the century, Pierrottroupes performed at London's Apollo Theatre in such productions asH. G. Pelisser's The Follies (1908, 1910) and the Co-Optimists(1921 - 27). The troupes were vividly portrayed in Joan Littlewood'srevue Oh, What a Lovely War! (1963).