• The display of a received pulse on a CRT, especially a radar screen. It may appear, for instance, as a spot of light.
  • A short pulse that serves as a signal, such as that used in the Morse code.
  • A small mark or spot on a recordable medium, which is used for tracking purposes.


  • The small seed of which several are usually found in fruits such as apples, citrus, grapes and melons


  • An acronym that stands for percentage in point, and which refers to the minimum price fluctuation typically allowed in a currency pair. For most major currency pairs, a forex pip is a movement in the fourth decimal place or a 0.0001 shift, although for USD/JPY, it is a change in the second decimal place or a shift of 0.01.

Media Studies

  • noun a short, usually high-pitched sound, especially of the kind used in broadcasting as a time signal


  • noun an insignia in the form of a star, which is used in certain badges of rank by the British army.


  • a seed inside a grape. If the seeds are crushed when pressing the grapes, they can give a bitter taste to the wines.


  • acronym forproximal interphalangeal joint
    (written as PIP)