General English

General Science

  • noun a long tube through which a fluid or gas flows from one place to another
  • noun a central processing unit or arithmetic logic unit that is constructed in blocks and executes instructions in steps, each block dealing with one part of the instruction, so speeding up program execution.
  • verb to execute several instructions in parallel to increase performance


  • noun a long hollow cylinder or tube to convey a fluid such as oil or natural gas


  • noun a distribution channel from the manufacturer through wholesalers and retailers to the customer


  • verb to schedule inputs to arrive at the microprocessor when nothing else is happening, so increasing apparent speed
  • verb to carry out more than one task at a time: e.g. to compress and store an image on disk as it is being scanned


  • A sequence of process segments handled simultaneously in pipelining.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a system for the spreading of information


  • noun a huge pipe built to convey water, oil or gas over long distances