General English

General Science

  • noun the angle of the blades of a wind or water turbine in relation to the flow of wind or water


  • noun a dark sticky substance obtained from tar, used to make objects watertight


  • noun a nose up/down movement of the aircraft about its lateral axis
  • noun the distance a propeller would advance in one rotation if there was no slip
  • verb to move about the lateral axis

Cars & Driving

  • noun the axial distance of adjacent threads measured between corresponding thread points; the pitch of single-start threads equals the lead
  • noun a parking space or site for a trailer, caravan, etc.


  • noun a presentation by an advertising agency to a potential customer


  • noun the number of characters which will fit into one inch of line, when the characters are typed in single spacing


  • An accumulation of resin in the wood cells in a more or less irregular patch. Pitch is classified for grading purposes as light, medium, heavy, or massed.
  • The angle or inclination of a plane such as a roof, which varies according to climate, design, and materials used, and is expressed as a ratio of rise per run.
  • The set, or projection, of teeth on alternate sides of a saw to provide clearance for its body.
  • The reciprocal of the number of threads per inch.


  • noun the area of ground between the two sets of stumps; like ‘wicket’ (see wicket) the term is used both for the playing area itself and for the quality of its surface as this affects the behaviour of the ball
    Citation ‘His spinning partner, David Freedman, a left-arm wrist-spinner who relies on the “chinaman”, found the Sydney pitch less conducive’ (John Mackinnon, Wisden 1994)
    Citation ‘Had yesterday been the start of the second of two back-to-back Tests, Ponting might well have batted; instead he speculated on gremlins in the pitch to go with those in the mind’ (Haigh 2005)
  • noun the point at which the ball first makes contact with the ground after being delivered by the bowler
    Citation ‘Trumper used to say that if you got to the pitch of the ball it did not matter which way it was breaking’ (James 1963)
  • verb to deliver the ball so that it makes contact with the ground at a particular point on the wicket; also (of the ball) to hit the ground at a particular point when bowled
    Citation ‘The young bowler should at all times strive to pitch the Ball to a good length’ (Lambert 1816)
    Citation ‘Sohail and Inzamam hit the ball at will. The bowlers did not know where to pitch’ (Vijay Lokapally, Sportstar [Chennai] 7 May 1994)
  • verb to deliver the ball so that it hits the ground in line with a particular target area, on or outside the stumps; also (of the ball) to follow such a line when bowled
    Citation ‘Supposing the ball pitches on or just outside the off-stump, the batsman will assuredly play that particular ball more correctly if he moves his right leg across the wicket’ (Warner 1934)
    Citation ‘For Asif, bowling wide of the crease, making the ball come in by pitching it just outside the off-stump did the trick’ (Neeru Bhatia, The Week (India) 12 February 2006)
  • verb to set up the wickets in readiness for a game by driving the stumps into the ground
    Citation ‘On Mon., Aug. 7, in the field adjoining to the Wool pack at Islington, London v. the County of Middlesex for £20 a side. Wickets to be pitched at one o’clock, play or pay’ (Whitehall Evening Post 1 August 1732)


  • The frequency of a given sound.
  • A subjective attribute of a sound, which depends primarily on its frequency, and to a lesser extent on factors such as its intensity, location, and duration. Pitch is perceived to run along a scale ranging from low to high. A fixed-frequency sound may be perceived as changing in pitch, as, for instance, a high frequency sound whose intensity is steadily increased will appear to be rising in pitch.
  • The distance between similar elements arranged regularly or in a fixed pattern. For example, dot pitch, or the distance between the centers of adjacent turns of a coil.
  • In a robot, up and down movement of a wrist, end-effector, or other such moving part.
  • The up and down movement of a part, object, or device.
  • In computers, the number of printed characters per inch.


  • noun movement up and down by the front and rear alternately


  • noun a sticky substance in softwood, which is present in mechanical pulp and can damage the papermaking machinery

Real Estate

  • noun a dark sticky substance obtained from tar and used in the building trade, especially for waterproofing roofs
  • noun the highest point of something such as an arch


  • noun a playing area for a team ball game
  • noun the act of throwing the ball to the batter
  • noun a particular way or manner of throwing something, especially a ball
  • verb to throw or hurl a ball, particularly as part of a game or sport