• Within an image, such as that of a computer display, TV, or facsimile, the smallest unit which can be manipulated. In a CRT, such as a color TV or computer monitor, for instance, it is a trio of color phosphor dots representing a single point. In computers, also refers to the storage of information used to define a pixel in an image.
  • In a TV picture or facsimile, the portion of the scanning line being explored at any given instant.
  • synonympicture element

Information & Library Science

  • noun the smallest unit of display on a computer screen whose colour or brightness can be controlled


  • noun the smallest single unit or point on a display or on a printer whose colour or brightness can be controlled. A monitor normally has a resolution of 72 pixels per inch, whereas a laser printer has a resolution of 300–600 pixels (also called dots) per inch.

Media Studies

  • noun a single dot on a computer screen which forms part of what is seen. The more pixels that a screen has, the sharper the image resolution.