General English


  • noun a basic product that can be added to in order to develop more complex products
  • noun a system that can be used to deliver services, e.g. a communications network is a platform for delivering information


  • noun a standard type of hardware that makes up a particular range of computers


  • A floor or surface raised above the adjacent level.
  • A landing in a stairway.
  • A working space for persons, elevated above the surrounding floor or ground level such as a balcony or platform for the operation of machinery or equipment.


  • A specific hardware and software configuration, including the operating system. When a program or hardware device will only function properly with a particular platform, it is called platform-dependent, while those which can work across multiple platforms are called platform-independent. Also called computing platform.

Media Studies

  • noun a purpose-built scaffolding platform that cameras can be mounted on for a good view of events


  • noun a raised structure alongside the railway line at a railway station, which enables the passengers to get onto the train
  • noun a firm surface or structure to which a weapon or other device is fitted
  • noun an aircraft, ship or vehicle upon which a weapon or weapons system is fitted and used


  • noun a set of policy proposals put forward by a candidate in an election

Real Estate

  • noun a simple structure, especially one composed of wooden planks, serving as a base for keeping things clear of the ground


  • noun a high pavement in a station, running alongside the track, where passengers can get on or off trains