General English

  • noun a large flat serving plate
  • noun a large plate of prepared food, arranged in an attractive way


  • noun one disk within a hard disk drive


  • One of the rigid disks comprising a hard drive. Such platters rotate at very high speeds, and are coated, usually on both sides, with a material which enables information to be encoded by altering the magnetic polarity of minute portions of the surface of each side of said platters, using read/write heads.
  • The rotating disk upon which a phonographic record rests when playing.
  • A surface upon which one or more disks or discs rest when playing or awaiting to be played. For example, a rotating tray upon which the discs rest in a multiple CD or DVD player.


  • A large plate generally used for serving food to several people or for serving several foods on the same plate, e.g. seafood platter


  • noun a phonograph record. The term dates back to the era of 78 r.p.m. records; it does not seem to have been transferred to apply to CDs.