General English

  • noun a person who plays a game
  • noun a person who plays a musical instrument


  • noun a participant in a match
    Citation ‘They are not to order any Man out, unless appealed to by one of the Players’ (Laws 1744)
  • noun (especially in Britain before 1963) a professional cricketer, as distinguished from a ‘gentleman’ or amateur cricketer
    Citation ‘In the year 1806, the Gentlemen first arrayed themselves against the Players at Lord’s’ (Box 1868)
    See gentleman, professional


  • A device which plays back, reproduces, or reads that which has been stored in a recording medium such as a magnetic tape or optical disk. Examples include DVD players, CD players, digital audio players, cassette players, and VHS players.
  • A device or application which enables a user to access content available on recorded media, or through a network such as the Internet. An example is a media player.


  • noun a person who has multiple and simultaneous sexual partners, ‘a smooth talker who cheats, is stylish’. This vogue term, heard among younger speakers since 2000, probably derives from the notion of ‘playing around’ or ‘playing the field’. It probably originated in black US speech.


  • noun someone taking part in a sport or game