plug in


General English


  • noun
    (written as plug-in)
    a program that works with a web browser to increase the functionality of the browser.


  • (written as plug-in)
    A temporary figure in an estimate price out sheet to be used until a more dependable one is obtained.


  • (written as plug-in)
    A program which is used in association with a larger program, to provide the latter with additional functionality. A browser plug in is an example. Also called plug-in software, plug-in program, plug-in application, or plug-in component (2).
  • (written as plug-in)
    A component, circuit, circuit board, device, or functional unit which has the proper terminals to be plugged-in to another assembly or unit. For instance, a capacitor, transistor, fuse, meter, or module with pins, prongs, clips, or other terminations which match for easy insertion or removal.
  • To insert a plug into a matching jack, outlet, socket, or receptacle. Also, to insert a plug into an adapter. Also, to insert a matching component, circuit, circuit board, device, or functional unit into another assembly. For instance, to plug an adapter card into a computer.