General English

General Science

  • noun a device that fits into a hole to prevent liquid flowing out of a container
  • noun a round block of igneous rock forming the central vent of an old volcanic opening
  • verb to fill a hole with something so that fluid cannot escape


  • noun a device for making an electrical connection
  • noun a device for igniting fuel in an engine


  • verb to block or to stop


  • noun a connector with protruding pins that is inserted into a socket to provide an electrical connection


  • A wood peg driven into a wall for support of a fastener.
  • A stopper for a drain opening.
  • A male-threaded fitting used to seal the end of a pipe or fitting.
  • A fixture for connection of electric wires to an outlet socket.
  • A fibrous or resinous material used to fill a hole and close a surface.
  • Material that stops or seals the discharge line of a channel or pipe.


  • An electric connector with one or more pins or prongs, which is inserted into a jack with matching recessed openings. When said plug is inserted, the circuit is closed. This allows for an easy and rapid connection which is secure. Widely used in communications, computer, and entertainment devices, equipment, and systems. Also called plug connector.
  • A plug (1) used in the context of power line terminations. Such a plug is inserted into a power outlet, socket, or receptacle, so as to access electric power. Also called power plug.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a device with metal pins which can be inserted into an electrical socket to provide power for a machine
  • verb to publicise a product or event in order to encourage people to buy or watch it

Media Studies

  • noun a mention given to something in order to advertise it, e.g. in a published article or on the radio. It is often given as a favour or in exchange for another service, e.g. plugging an artist’s album in return for an exclusive interview.
  • noun a line on the cover of a publication that boasts an interesting article inside


  • noun a device at the end of a wire for connecting a machine to the electricity supply