General English

General Science

  • noun an indication of how something will develop


  • noun a variable in a computer program that contains the address to a data item or instruction
  • noun a graphical symbol used to indicate the position of a cursor on a computer display


  • On a computer screen, an indicator, such as a small hand, arrow, or I-beam, that moves as the mouse is moved. It serves to select text, menus, and the area of the screen where the next text input or other action will occur, by clicking the mouse there. Also called mouse pointer, cursor (2), or mouse cursor.
  • A pointer (1) indicated by a pointing device, such as a trackball, other than a mouse.
  • In a meter, gauge, or similar device or instrument, an object, such as a needle or wire, which serves to convey information.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a stick used to indicate something