General English

  • noun a noise like a cork coming out of a bottle
  • verb to go somewhere quickly
  • verb to put something somewhere quickly




  • verb (of the ball) to rise steeply and unexpectedly off the wicket after pitching, usually as a result of some irregularity in the surface
    Citation ‘The balls were popping about in dangerous fashion, and Champain behind the wicket was taking them above his topi or brushing them off his nose like flies’ (Headlam 1903)
  • verb (of a batsman) to make the ball rise sharply off the bat, especially when playing a defensive stroke
    Citation ‘When he had made 10 Burke, in sparring at Tyson … popped the ball up very near to Mortimore at short-leg’ (Peebles 1959)


  • To remove the first item from the top of a stack. This contrasts with push (1), which is to add an item to the top of a stack.

Media Studies

  • adjective referring to popular music


  • verb to pawn. The word has had this meaning since the 18th century.
  • verb to hit, punch
  • verb to give birth
  • verb to have sex with or to achieve orgasm. This usage of the word is long-established, pre-dating for instance pop one’s rocks.


  • acronym forpersistent organic pollutant
    (written as POP)
  • noun a compound that enters the food chain and accumulates in the human body.


  • acronym forpublic offering price
    (written as POP)


  • acronym forprogesterone only pill
    (written as POP)