Power family



  • A family of actors, most notably the Irish actor Tyrone Power(David Powell; 1795 - 1841), his grandson Tyrone Edmond (1869 - 1931),and his great-grandson, the US actor Tyrone Power (1914 - 58).

    The first Tyrone Power made his debut in 1815 andbecame known for his comic Irish parts, such as Sir Lucius O'Triggerin Sheridan's The Rivals. He also appeared in his own comediesand farces, including St Patrick's Eve (1832) and O'Flanniganand the Fairies (1836). He drowned in the sinking of the SS Presidentwhile making the return voyage from his third tour of America. Ofhis eight surviving children, one son Maurice Power (d. 1849) enteredthe profession.

    Another son, Harold Power, was the father of Tyrone Edmond,who became a member of Augustin Daly's American company from1890 - 98 and later specialized in Shakespearean parts. Harold'sniece, Norah, was the mother of the British theater director, SirTyrone Guthrie.

    Tyrone Edmond's son, the second Tyrone Power, foundfame primarily in films, although he also gave impressive stage performancesin such plays as Romeo and Juliet (1935), Shaw's Saint Joan(1936), Christopher Fry's The Dark is Light Enough (1955),and Shaw's The Devil's Disciple (1956).