• noun in one-day internationals, one of three blocks of overs during which no more than two fielders may be stationed in the outfield, outside the circle. The three powerplays consist of the first ten overs of an innings (‘Powerplay 1’), in which these fielding restrictions always apply, and two further blocks of five overs each (Powerplays 2 and 3) to be used at any time in the innings at the discretion of the fielding captain. Powerplays were introduced in 2005, as a variation on ODI regulations whereby fielding restrictions prevailed during the first 15 overs of an innings, the intention being to offer fielding captains a wider range of tactical options and – it was hoped – to make the cricket more exciting.
    Citation ‘Pietersen was in rampant mood, and Dravid cleverly delayed the two Powerplays until the stifling conditions had significantly weakened him’ (Dileep Premachandran, Cricinfo Magazine May 2006)
    See also fielding restrictions