General English


  • noun a regular payment made to an insurance company for the protection provided by an insurance policy
  • noun an amount to be paid to a landlord or a tenant for the right to take over a lease
  • noun an extra sum of money in addition to a usual charge, wage, price or other amount
  • noun a gift, discount or other incentive to encourage someone to buy


  • noun an amount paid to take out an insurance policy
  • noun an amount above face value at which something such as a security sells


  • The cost of an option, or the situation where one delivery period's price exceeds another's. For example, a forex options trader might pay a $10,000 premium to buy an at the money EUR call/USD put option expiring in one month. Also, one might say that the USD/CAD pair trades forward at a premium when forward rates are higher than the spot rate.


  • noun a sum of money paid by one person to another, especially one paid regularly


  • noun the amount added to a normal price or rate for a product or service
  • noun free gift offered to a prospective purchaser as an inducement to make a purchase

Real Estate

  • noun a higher charge for something that is of very good quality


  • noun a special prize


  • used to describe a wine of high quality and usually commanding a very high price, or the vines or grapes from which such a wine is made