General English

  • noun the force of something such as air which is pushing or squeezing

General Science


  • noun force applied uniformly over a surface, measured as force per unit of area


  • The force per unit area exerted by a liquid or gas on the walls of a container.
  • The force per unit area transferred between surfaces.


  • Force per unit area. The SI unit is the pascal, which is equal to the pressure resulting from a force of one newton applied uniformly to an area of one square meter. Other units include atmospheres, bars, millimeters of mercury, torr, and pounds per square inch. Its symbol is P.
  • A specific value or reading of pressure (1).
  • The application of a force over a given surface area.
  • symbolP


  • noun the action of squeezing or forcing something
  • noun mental or physical stress caused by external events


  • noun a force or strong influence to make someone change his or her opinions or course of action