General English

General Science

  • noun a small hand-operated pump used to spray fuel into the piston engine inlet manifold to make starting a cold engine easier


  • noun a protective substance which is applied to a metal or wood surface before painting

Cars & Driving

  • noun the first coat of paint applied to a bare surface; designed to provide a foundation for the subsequent coats and to ensure rust protection


  • noun a manual or simple instruction book with instructions and examples to show how a new program or system operates


  • A base, preparatory paint that is applied to an uncoated surface to improve the adhesion and durability of the finish coat. Primer can be latex or alkyd (oil-based) paint.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a basic or simple school book for children


  • noun a small explosive charge which is used to detonate the explosive of a bomb or other explosive device

Real Estate

  • noun a paint or sealant used to prepare a surface for painting or a similar process