General English


  • noun a person or company that is represented by an agent
  • noun a person acting for him or herself, such as a marketmaker buying securities on his or her own account
  • noun money invested or borrowed on which interest is paid


  • adjective most important


  • The principal authority or person responsible for a business such as architecture, engineering, or construction.
  • The capital amount of a loan or other obligation as distinguished from the interest.
  • In professional practice, any person legally responsible for the activities ofthat practice.
  • The person or entity under whose debt or obligation is the subject or a performance or payment bond issued by a surety.


  • adjective greatest in number or importance
  • noun the initial amount of money invested or borrowed


  • The amount of money owed on a debt instrument excluding the interest paid on it, or the size of an investment or financial transaction. The principal amount of a forex or currency option deal is the transaction size, which is usually above $1 million in the Interbank forex market. also called face amount.

Health Economics

  • (written as Principal)
    In health economics, this refers to one of the parties in the agency relationship. The principal is the party on whose behalf an agent acts.


  • noun the initial sum of money invested or borrowed, before interest or other revenue is added, or the remainder of that sum after payments have been made
  • noun a person who is responsible for something, especially someone who is in charge of a company or someone who commits a crime
  • noun someone for whom a representative or proxy acts in a legal matter

Real Estate

  • noun the main support beam, girder or truss in a roof, bridge or other construction