General English


  • noun a device that converts input data in an electrical form into a printed readable form.
  • noun a person that prints documents or pictures for private customers or other businesses
  • acronymPRN
  • noun an acronym used in MS-DOS to represent the standard printer port.


  • A device which produces a computer output consisting of letters, numbers, symbols, graphics, or the like, presented on paper, plastic, or another medium which allows for reading or other interpretation. There are printers whose output is provided a page, line, or character at a time, and printer types include laser, inkjet, and dot matrix.
  • Any device or unit which serves as a printer (1). For example, a unit within a cash register or a printing calculator which performs this function.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a machine that converts electronic data into readable form on paper
  • noun a person or company that prints books, newspapers or other printed matter

Media Studies

  • noun a machine that makes duplicates of film, normally a positive from a negative
  • noun a machine that prints books, newspapers or magazines
  • noun a person or company in the business of printing books, newspapers or magazines


  • noun a machine which prints from instructions given by a computer system, as in a kitchen, where orders are instructed by a keypad and the printer prints tickets for each item of food ordered