General English

  • noun the way in which something ought to be carried out

General Science

  • noun a method or way of doing something, especially the usual or expected way



  • noun a small section of computer instruction code that provides a frequently used function and can be called upon from a main program
  • noun a method or route used when solving a problem


  • A sequence of operations required to perform a given task.
  • Within a computer program, a small group of instructions which perform a given task. Also called routine (1), subroutine (2), or function (3).

Information & Library Science

  • noun a method of doing something which is generally accepted as being efficient


  • noun a way in which something is done, especially the correct or agreed way to deal with something


  • noun a type of treatment
  • noun a treatment given at one time


  • noun a series of actions, which are carried out in specific sequence or manner