General English


  • noun a person or company that produces something.
  • noun an organism that takes energy from outside an ecosystem and channels it into the system, e.g. green plants (primary producers) and herbivores (secondary producers)


  • noun a person, company or country that manufactures


  • Provider of building materials or equipment such as processor, manufacturer, or equipment rental/sales firm.


  • noun a person or company which supplies or sells goods or services.

Media Studies

  • noun the member of a television production team who is responsible for hiring the rest of the crew and generally overseeing the project
  • noun the member of a film production team who is responsible for crew hire, general supervision and also financing of the project


  • Until 1956, the usual British term for the person having overallcontrol of a production; the US term director was officiallyadopted in that year.

    In both Britain and America, the term producer is now usedto mean a person who organizes the administrative and financial aspectsof a production. His or her duties usually include engaging actorsand staff, dealing with copyright, renting the theater, buying specialequipment, drawing up and keeping the budget, arranging for advertisementsand press releases, organizing ticket sales and complimentary tickets,overseeing the design and selling of programmes, handling receipts,and taking responsibility for the house regulations concerning fireprevention and other such matters.