General English


  • noun an outline or shape of something, seen from a side view

Cars & Driving



  • noun a feature of Windows that stores the settings for different users on one PC


  • A drawing showing a vertical section of ground, usually taken along the center line of a highway or other construction project.
  • A template used for shaping plaster.
  • A guide used in masonry work.
  • A British term for batter board.

Media Studies

  • noun a description of a person or organisation giving a short history, key facts etc.
  • noun the way that the total audience for a broadcast can be broken down according to such factors as age, gender, income etc.


  • noun a brief description of the characteristics of a person or thing
  • noun a set of data, usually in graph or table form, which indicates to what extent something has the same characteristics as a group tested or considered standard
  • noun the amount that other people notice somebody or something
  • verb to give a short description or assessment of somebody or something


  • noun a brief description of something such as an author or a company

Origin & History of “profile”

The -file of profile is etymologically a ‘thread’. The word comes from early modern Italian profilo, a derivative of profilare ‘draw in outline’. This was a compound verb formed from the prefix pro- ‘forward’ and filare, which used to mean ‘draw a line’; and this in turn went back to Latin filāre ‘spin’, a derivative of filum ‘thread’ (from which English gets file for storing things in).