General English


  • noun the act of keeping something from harm, injury or damage


  • noun the imposing of tariffs to protect domestic producers from competition from imports


  • Any materials, devices, or measures, such as fuses, coatings, insulators, shields, or ground fault circuit interrupters, which help prevent components, circuits, devices, equipment, systems, or personnel, from being damaged, or otherwise exposed to harmful conditions. Specific examples include overload protection, electrostatic discharge protection, and ground-fault protection.
  • The safeguarding of data against loss, damage, unwanted modification, or unauthorized access. Such safeguards may be administrative, physical, or technical. Also called data protection, or information security.
  • The act of providing protection (1), or protection (2). Also the condition of having such protection.


  • noun the fact of being safe and defended from harm


  • noun the act of keeping a person or thing safe from harm