General Science

  • verb to be discovered to have a particular quality


  • verb to leave dough to rest before baking so that the yeast can ferment


  • verb to show beyond all doubt that something is true

Media Studies

  • verb to make a test impression of a negative, etching or type


Origin & History of “prove”

The ultimate source of prove was Latin probus ‘good’. this went back (like the related Sanskrit prabhu- ‘eminent, mighty’) to a prehistoric Indo-European compound *pro-bhwo- ‘being in front’, hence ‘excelling’ (*pro- meant ‘in front’, and *bhwo- was the ancestor of English be). From it was derived the verb probāre ‘test, approve, prove’, which has given English approve, probable, probe, proof, reprobate, reprove, and of course prove, acquired via Old French prover. Another Latin derivative of probus was probitās ‘honesty’, from which English gets probity (16th c.).