Public Theatre



  • A theater in Lafayette Street, New York, that is now permanentlysubsidized by the city. Its complex of seven separate auditoriums,the most under any one roof, was created by converting the formerAstor Library, work carried out in 1967 under the director and producerJoseph Papp. Distinguished premieres at the Public have includedJason Miller's That Championship Season (1973), which won aPulitzer Prize, and Marvin Hamlisch's musical A chorus Line(1975), which received both a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize.

    The four main auditoriums are the 275-seat Anspacher Theatre,which opened in 1967 with the hippy musical Hair, the 108-seatOther Stage, which opened the following year as a venue for playwritingworkshops, the 300-seat Newman Theatre, which opened in 1970 withDennis Reardon's The Happiness Cage, and the 191-seat MartinsonHall, which opened in 1971 with the musical Blood. The company alsopresents free summertime performances of Shakespeare at the Delacorte Theatrein Central Park. The current artistic director is Ted Sperling, whotook over from Oskar Eustis in 2008.