General English


  • verb to prepare and issue a book, magazine, chart, etc., and sell or distribute it to the public


  • verb to have a document such as a catalogue, book, magazine or newspaper written and printed and then sell or give it to the public


Information & Library Science

  • verb to arrange to have a book or article printed and usually distributed for sale

Media Studies

  • verb to prepare and produce material in printed or electronic form for distribution and, usually, sale
  • verb to make the work of a particular author available in printed or other form

Origin & History of “publish”

To publish something is etymologically to make it ‘public’. The word comes from publiss-, the stem of Old French publier, which was descended from Latin pūblicāre ‘make public’, a derivative of pūblicus ‘public’. The earliest record of its use in English for ‘bring out a book’ comes from the early 16th century.