puff pastry



  • Pastry made from 700 to 1500 interleaved layers of a very short flour dough and fat formed by rolling out a rectangular layer of the short flour dough, coating or sandwiching with fat, folding in 3 (3-fold turn) or folding the ends to the centre and then together like a book (book turn), rotating a quarter turn and repeating this, resting for 20 minutes in the refrigerator between turns. 5 book folds and 6 3-fold turns are required. The fat used must be of the same consistency as the dough. margarine or pastry fat requires a strong flour, butter a softer flour. The ratio of fat to flour in the dough is roughly 1:8 whilst overall, the fat flour ratio is 1:1.


  • noun a type of soft pastry made from flour and butter, in which air is trapped by repeated folding and rolling of the dough