• noun the soft inside of a fruit or vegetable
  • noun a thick soft substance made by crushing


  • A thick or coarse purée of fruit or vegetables
  • The residue of cooked or uncooked fruit or vegetables after sieving or pressing out the juice. citrus pulp is sometimes used in manufactured orange drinks.

Information & Library Science

  • noun material produced from recycled paper, rags or ground wood, mixed with water, used for making paper
  • verb to take torn rags or ground wood and mix this with water and chemicals to produce smooth pulp for making paper
  • verb to take printed paper or waste paper and produce pulp from it for making paper again

Media Studies

  • noun novels or magazines produced on cheap paper, especially crime, horror or science fiction stories


  • noun soft tissue, especially when surrounded by hard tissue as in the inside of a tooth


  • noun a soft mass that results when something with liquid in it is crushed
  • verb to remove the soft fleshy tissue from fruit or vegetables


  • the soft part of a grape, inside the skin, that contains the juice