put down


General English


  • phrasal verb to make a deposit
  • phrasal verb to write an item in a ledger or an account book


  • verb to fail to take a possible catch
    Citation ‘In Australia’s first innings there was one period of twenty minutes during which the visitors put down no less than five chances off Valentine’ (Manley 1988)
  • verb (of a fielder of wicket-keeper) to dislodge either or both bails with the ball, especially so as to cause the dismissal of a batsman
    Citation ‘Sueter … and Hammond … were the two best wicket-keepers I ever saw. Both of them would put the wicket down without any flourishing or fuss’ (Nyren 1833 in HM)


  • verb to stop or crush a rebellion
  • verb to suggest that a motion should be debated in a meeting