Q Theatre



  • A small London repertory theater, on the north side of KewBridge (the name is a play on 'Kew'). Jack de Leon renovated the formerPrince's Hall and opened it as the Q in 1924 with a revival of GertrudeJennings's The Young Person in Pink. He remained manager fornearly 30 years, producing such plays as Frederick Knott's DialM for Murder and Philip King's See How They Run, as wellas numerous revivals. The theater closed in 1956.

    In 1928 Mrs Patrick Campbell and Nancy Priceappeared together at the Q Theatre in Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman.The notoriously temperamental Mrs Pat began by informing de Leon thathe was too young to manage a theater, and then turned on the notedIbsen actor Rupert Harvey, who was directing:

    Mrs Pat Mr Harvey, I have forgotten moreabout Ibsen and about acting than you will ever learn!
    Harvey You have indeed forgotten it all!

    Harvey stormed out and never returned. Mrs Pat then lockedhorns with her co-star, demanding a pink spotlight while Nancy Priceinsisted upon a straw-coloured one; the nervous technician had tokeep both lights working without allowing the beams to cross. Thefeud intensified to the point that the two actresses refused to lookat each other on stage, even during the most intimate scenes.