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Cars & Driving

  • (written as Q)
    a letter on the sidewall of a tyre denoting the maximum speed for which it is designed (160 km/h or 100 mph).
  • symbol forspeed rating
    (written as Q)
  • noun the maximum driving speed for which a tyre is designed, indicated by a letter in the tyre designation on the sidewall


  • (written as Q)
    symbol for Quality factor. A figure of merit for a component, resonant circuit, tuned circuit, periodic device, or energy-storing device. One measure is the ratio of the reactance to the resistance. In the case of a capacitor, for instance, the higher the Q, the longer the time for it to discharge. In the case of an oscillator, for example, the higher the Q, the more stable its output.
  • symbol forquantum
    (written as Q)
  • symbol forcharge
    (written as Q)


  • noun
    (written as Q)
    All senses of the term are based on the image of the capital letter Q as representing an open mouth with lolling tongue and seem to have originated in the slang of North American health carers. The letter may be written (in notes, on charts, etc.) or pronounced by medical staff.


  • abbreviationKyu
    (written as Q)
  • symbol forkyu
    (written as Q)


  • noun a level of proficiency in some martial arts